Legitimate paid surveys that pay in 2016 – If you are here, it’s probably because you want to make money online for free and that you’ve been told to search the web for surveys that pay. So where are those quizzes you can be paid to take?

Before you continue reading, you must know that the minimum age requirement is 13. Younger people are eligible to less paying offers than the elderly, but they are many statistics that show that the younger audience earns more because of their facility with computers and internet. At CashCrate , there are tons quizzes and questionnaires, or paying online surveys if you prefer, but not only that : you can be paid to watch videos, complete offers, participate in the monthly events and so much more. CashCrate has been the #1 reference to make money online for free for over 5 years now and it’s the largest online survey site. Here are some statistics you might find interesting :

Public payment wall
Get paid to watch videos
Get paid to answer quizzes, questionnaires and bonus surveys
Get paid to shop (iTunes, Footlocker ++)
Tons of original ideas to make money online for free
Legitimate paid surveys
The difference between CashCrate and other competitors is the VOLUME of legitimate paid surveys available for CashCrate members. Not only do we get access to much more quizzes that other survey sites, members of CashCrate are valued by the industry and we earn roughly 15%-20% more for the same surveys other websites offers. Curious about the other opportunities the best survey site can offer you? You should find the following video interesting.

Get paid to take surveys
The best statistic at CashCrate is that you can make money online for free if you want to. Signing up is free, most offer are also free so what are you waiting for? You can sign up for CashCrate right now and start earning money right away! Sign up for CashCrate.
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